10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

So you want to go to Vegas but you’re underage? If you are not 21, don’t fret – this city has a lot more to it than just partying and gambling.

The first time that I ever went to Vegas I was just underage  20 years old and thought that it was going to be a waste of my time since…boy was I mistaken. I had an absolute blast there and my days were action packed! Here are 10 fun things that you can do in the city of sin that don’t require I.D.10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

1. Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! This is the sign that you see in all the movies and people all around the world recognize it. You will see many Las Vegas souvenirs with this sign n them- but why not go to the real deal? About a 15 minute drive from the strip you can go to the sign and get a picture with it yourself.


2. Enjoy the the Splendor of the Bellagio Fountain

This fountain has become an icon of Vegas. You cannot go to Vegas without stopping by to see the colourful and musical fountain show outside of the Bellagio. The best part is that it is free and there are no age restrictions. You can find times here.

10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 213. Heat Things up with the Chippendales

This came a surprise to me when I was in Vegas because I assumed that since I wasn’t 21 I wouldn’t be allowed to go to a strip show. However, you only need to be 18+, you just can’t drink unless you’re 21 – so if you are underage you are still welcome!

If a strip show doesn’t sound like your thing, I hear you – I was very hesitant of the whole idea as well. I figured I was in Vegas though – so what the heck! It ended up being a phenomenal show…and no one actually got naked. You will find that these guys actually have a lot more talents to add to the show than just taking their clothes off.


10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

4. Get Lost in the Hotels

One of the great things about Vegas is that hotels aren’t just hotels- they are theme parks, clubs, casinos and much, much more. The hotels are a spectacle in themselves. You can spend days just wandering around exploring the different hotels. Take a gondola ride in the Venetian, see the “Eiffel Tower” or watch the free pirate show at Treasure Island.

And when I say get lost I mean that quite literally. These hotels are designed to have enough winds and turns and distractions to keep you  from easily exiting- in hopes that you will spend more money.


10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

5. Strip

Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve taking your clothes off…

Go walk the Vegas strip. The Vegas strip has a wild array of things going on. From all the eccentric resorts, street performers and interesting people-there is so much so see around you that no matter how many times you walk the strip you won’t be bored. If by some crazy chance you are bored – the strip is filled with people trying to get you to go to shows and other fun things. I’m sure you will come back with your own story to tell.


10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

6. New York, New York Roller Coaster

This roller coaster is a fun way to add some adrenaline in your day. It’s not the wildest (or smoothest) roller coaster that you will ever ride- but who doesn’t enjoy a thrilling ride every now and again. The best part of the roller coaster is the awesome view you get from it. The roller coaster takes you through the hotel and also outside and above it. It costs about $14 and you have the option to purchase your picture of your screaming face at the end.


10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

7. Meet the Street Performers

There are many “artists” on the strip of Vegas that will dress up like anything just to entice you to want to take a picture with them. Usually, you just tip them and get a picture with them. Some of the costumes are pretty lame but I have to admit – some are pretty awesome.

On one of my days in Vegas I was walking down the street and somebody jumped out at me. I let out a blood-curdling scream and grabbed my purse in terror. I was really embarrassed when I looked up and saw it was just a human statue- and even more embarrassed when I saw everyone around me dying in laughter. But don’t worry- they don’t normally do this, I just attract weird situations.


10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

8. See a Show

Vegas has so many shows going on all the time – it can be hard to decide which ones to go to – but make sure you go to at least one. When I was there I went to the Lion King and is was a phenomenal show. Tickets are expensive – but since you’re underage, and won’t spending money on alcohol or gambling, you can justify treating yourself. There are ticket booths all around the city selling tickets to shows.


10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

9. Go Shopping

Vegas isn’t just about partying and gambling- it is also great for shopping. Caesars Palace has some great shopping but if you are wanting to buy some good brands while going easy on the wallet you can leave the strip and visit the North Premium Outlets.


10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

10. Grand Canyon

A lot of people are so dazzled by the lights of Viva Las Vegas that they forget they are near one of the natural wonders of the world! Okay, so it’s almost 5 hours away- but when will you ever get a chance to see it again!? From Las Vegas there are many companies that offer tours to visit the Grand Canyon making it super easy for you. So while everyone is losing their money at blackjack you are gaining the experience of a lifetime.

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10 Things to do in Vegas if you are Under 21

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