My Most Embarrassing Moment…and it was Underwater

We all have it- that one really embarrassing story that happened to you. If you’re  anything like me then you will have quite a few of those. However, this one is one that stands out above the rest for me- and it happened underwater. 

My Most Embarrassing Moment...and it was UnderwaterThis pitiful moment in my life all started in Thailand when  I decided that I was going to face my fear of the ocean and get my scuba diving certification. On top of being afraid of the ocean, I also have very sensitive ears which is not ideal for diving.

I had a lot of ear infections when I was younger, which has caused my ears to be very sensitive to pressure in airplanes and pools. If diving into the deep end of a swimming pool hurt my ears I couldn’t imagine how painful swimming deep down into the ocean would feel.

Our first few days of training took place in a swimming pool. When the day finally came for us to gear up and go diving in the ocean I was so nervous.  Luckily it was a beautiful and hot day out. Since the weather and water were so warm in Thailand a wetsuit wasn’t really necessary day so I decided to skip the wetsuit and just go in my bikini- I wanted to feel more free.

I told my diving instructor, a young guy from England,  that I  was very worried about my ears. He gave me some pills for congestion and said that he  would help me with my equalizing (ear popping). As we descended, we all had to make sure that we were  holding  onto the rope that was anchored to the bottom of the ocean. My scuba instructor made me go first so that he could make sure that my ears were okay before we continued any deeper.

While going down, I would pop my ears, go a foot deeper, pop my ears….

My instructor faced me the entire descent down. We were giving each other underwater signals to communicate. I was so caught up in popping my ears that I didn’t have anytime to look around or notice anything else.

It took me a while before I even noticed the girl behind me tapping me on the shoulder. Since we were underwater she couldn’t talk to me. She was pointing down so I looked down. I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking at. She kept persisting with whatever it was that she was wanting to tell me.

My Most Embarrassing Moment...and it was UnderwaterThen I looked down at myself- and caught a glimpse of something pink floating in the water. My bikini bottom string had come undone! Half of my bikini was open and swaying in the water- exposing my most secret lady bit to my scuba instructor! It  was horrifyingly embarrassing!

And that’s not the worst part.

I freaked out and as quickly as possible tried to grab my bikini strings to tie them back together. But my scuba instructor started banging on his oxygen tank to get my attention and signaled at me to put my hands back on the rope. I froze for a moment just staring at him in shock- was  her serious!?

I sucked up my pride and put my hands back on the rope- bikini still swaying in the sea. Everything was exposed and everyone was just behind me on the rope watching all of this happen. Then my scuba instructor swam down to tie my bikini bottoms for me. I just awkwardly floated there as he fixed my wardrobe malfunction.

My Most Embarrassing Moment...and it was Underwater

I am sure that my face was bright red with embarrassment for the  rest of our time underwater.

When we finally resurfaced and were sitting on the boat, my dive team tried to make me feel better by saying that probably happens all the time. This did make me feel a bit better. So when our scuba instructor came over I couldn’t ignore the elephant on the boat and tried to play off the situation by saying, “I bet that happens to you all the time, hey?”

He looked at me and said, “Tops, yes. But bikini bottoms….you’re the first.”

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My Most Embarrassing Moment...and it was Underwater

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