At twenty years old, in the middle of University, I left Canada to go traveling for eight months. I left my studies, my apartment and my friends. During this eight months I traveled to a total of eight different countries. Some might say that I caught the travel bug- I think I was born with it.

ContactI finished my degree (BBA with a Tourism diploma)- but I didn’t finish traveling. For the past three years, I have continued wandering the globe and have seen over 30 countries- and still counting! I have traveled, lived, studied, worked and volunteered around the world. No one can keep track of me for I am always wandering to new places and going on wild adventures.

After years of having friends and family asking me for travel recommendations, I realized that I needed a platform where I could share my best travel tips and advice with more people. So, one day I decided to pull out all of my travel journals full of travel tips and wild travel stories and share them with the world. Thus began Wild & Wandering.

  • I created Wild & Wandering to help support and encourage people to travel and experience things that they never dreamed of doing. Some of my stories may seem crazy but I am that much more alive and empowered because of them.

I hope that Wild & Wandering can  inspire you to go out and experience this amazing world and overcome your fears.

If you are interesting in working with me please do not hesitate to reach out.

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