Slaying Sand Dunes on ATV’s

For a short vacation, my boyfriend at the time and I, decided to go on a fun road trip down the west coast of North America. During our trip we made a pit stop that to this day is one of the funnest things that I have ever done!

While driving through the Oregon, my boyfriend pulled over the car at Steve’s ATV Rentals. He wanted to ride ATV’s on the sand dunes of the Oregon Coast. Since it was his idea, before we got out of the car he double checked to see if I wanted to do this. I assured him that I wanted to. He didn’t seem to believe me though and he told me that we didn’t need to do this if I didn’t want to. He was talking to a girl who has swam with sharks, jumped out of a moving plane and went volcano boarding…of course I wanted to do this!

After he finally believed me that I wanted to go ATVing, we walked into the office and were warmly welcomed. We were then told our options for what ATV’s we could ride. I could either drive a small automatic… or a big, badass manual. The automatic looked very unexciting compared to the manual- so naturally I picked the manual. Once again, my boyfriend asked me if I was sure. Once again, I assured him that I was.

So was paid for two hours (about $80 each) and signed our consent forms. They fitted us with helmets and then gave us a short lesson in the parking lot to make sure that we were comfortable before we headed out.

Slaying Sand Dunes on ATV's

Then came the fun part! We headed out on a hilly, dirt trail that eventually turned into sand. We found ourselves in the middle of huge sand dunes. They don’t look that big in the picture- but trust me they look like mountains as you stare at them debating whether or not to drive up them.

My boyfriend decided to attempt the sand dune in front of us first- the biggest one. I heard his engine roar and he was off- plowing through the sand straight for the dune. I sat there watching him. His ATV got smaller and smaller as he made is farther and farther up the dune. Then he stopped. He couldn’t make it all the way up.

Slaying Sand Dunes on ATV's

Now it was my turn-I hadn’t signed up for this adventure just to watch. I kicked my ATV into gear and went charging full speed towards the sand dune.

As I hit the dune I didn’t give up speed and kept ripping up the mountain of sand. I whipped past my boyfriend..leaving him in a dust of sand. I kept powering through until finally I reached the top. It was an exhilarating and empowering experience reaching the top.

As I sat at the top, there were two guys on dirt bikes who were just staring at  me- they couldn’t believe that a girl just did that. I think my boyfriend was in shock too. He later told me that he felt very de-masculated in that moment.

 Slaying Sand Dunes on ATV's

To be honest – driving down was the scariest part. The dune was so steep that I felt like I was driving in a straight vertical line down. I was afraid that my ATV was going to roll out from underneath me. But after the show I just made I couldn’t show my fear and I uneasily drove down – holding my breath the whole way.

After surviving the first and highest dune I knew that I could successfully conquer the rest. We spent about an hour ripping around in the sand, zooming up hills and speeding down them. It was a complete adrenaline rush!

Slaying Sand Dunes on ATV's

Slaying Sand Dunes on ATV's

Then we went off exploring for a while. We took the ATV’s to the ocean side where we drove along on the beach of the Oregon Coast. It was a beautiful day and the water was absolutely stunning. Even just riding on flat ground on these things was fun. If you are not an adrenaline junkie driving along the beach would be perfect for you- you can even rent a buggy.

Slaying Sand Dunes on ATV's

This wasn’t my first time driving an ATV but it was my first time riding on sand dunes. It was a truly unique and thrilling experience. If you are ever in Oregon make sure to visit the sand dunes for this awesome adventure activity.

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Slaying Sand Dunes on ATV's

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