British Columbia’s Most Beautiful Day Hikes

With the Rocky Mountains rolling through British Columbia – it is one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) provinces in Canada. The province’s slogan ‘Super, natural, British Columbia’ sums it up just right.

Many people visiting British Columbia come here to see the nature that it is so famous. There is no better way to experience the beauty that BC has to offer than with a day hike. With so many challenging, rewarding – and most importantly – breathtaking hikes across the country, it is overwhelming deciding which ones to do. The following an intermediate level list of British Columbia’s most beautiful day hikes.

British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes

British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes

Mount Tod

Sun Peak Resort/Kamloops

Sun Peaks Resort offers a huge variety of hiking trails – suitable for people of all different levels. Mount Tod is the most challenging hike but also the most rewarding. This hike leads you past Tod Lake, so you have something to look forward to on the climb up. To begin this hike you actually take the chair lift up the first part – but don’t worry you still have about 4 hours to go!

This trail is absolutely beautiful – especially if you time it right. From mid-July to mid-August it’s the mountains peak season for wildflowers paint the mountain with every colour of the rainbow.

Time: 4-5 hours



British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes

Stawamus Chief


This hike seemed to be a legend that I heard about forever and was a little bit terrified to do it. I heard that there were parts of the hike where you needed a rope to hang onto or pull you up. However when I mustered up the courage and tackled the hike it was way easier than expected. It is a very groomed trail and the ropes and ladders are there for your convenience to make the hike easier.

However, I grew up in the Rocky Mountains so this hike may prove to be a lot more challenging for people from flatter lands. There were a lot of stairs and so my leg muscles were definitely shaking at the end.

Time: 3-4 hours



British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes

Cabin Fever/Millipede

Halfmoon Bay, Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine coast breaks away from the Rocky Mountains and instead offers hikes in a more humid and lush environment. This whole area is so gorgeous and peaceful but if I had to pick the most beautiful hike it would be Cabin Fever. Located in Halfmoon Bay – it is about an hour drive from the ferry terminal. Even the drive there is stunning along the winding ocean road lined with vibrant green trees.

Once you reach the hike follow the Cabin Fever hike that eventually turns into Millipede. On this hike you will be accompanied by soft moss and trickling streams. Because of the more humid climate the ground is a lot softer to walk on compared to the other hikes on this list- good news for your knees!

Time: 2 hours


British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes

Mount Seymour

North Vancouver

When I did this hike I did it at 2 a.m. in the pitch dark- and a few days after my surfing accident. The reason that I did it at 2 a.m. was because it was Canada Day and a whole bunch of Canadians got up in the middle of the night to summit the mountain in time to sing the national anthem as the sun rose. Only Canadians would show their love for their country by hiking a mountain. We even made the news!

After the exhausting climb up you will very thankful that you made it to the top because the view is absolutely stunning- especially with a sunrise. You can see a view of of Vancouver from the top. The both starts and ends at the parking lot so it’s very easy to navigate.

Time: 3-4 hours


British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes

Trophy Mountain Meadows

Wells Gray Provincial Park (Clearwater)

Wells Gray is a breathtaking Park but it is kept pretty under wraps. I lived about an hour away from it for 5 years and had never heard of it. When I finally became aware- and saw how amazing it looked- I knew I had to go.

The beauty of Wells Gray blew me away. Since then, I have visited a few times and every time I go I notice mostly Europeans, but no Canadians. One of my highlights while visiting here was going whitewater rafting. But let me get to the hiking…

There is so much to explore here but if you want a rewarding hike I recommend Trophy Mountain. To access this hike you need to drive up the gravel logging road. Make sure to go once it is well into spring or summer though, or else there will be too much snow for you to hike – don’t ask how I know this.

The trail leads you through a stunning meadow that is covered in wildflowers in the summer. The two peak seasons for blooming are in early June and August-that being said there may still be snow in early June. But don’t worry if you can’t make it during this magical time, because the hike will be beautiful no matter what.

Note: While in the area make sure to stop and check out the amazing Helmcken Falls!

Time: 2 hours

British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes
The beautiful Helmcken Falls



British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes
Photo credit: Vancouver Trails

High Note Trail


Don’t worry I didn’t forget Whistler- I was just playing hard to get. Whistler is the hot spot destination in BC, and for good reason. As  2010 Winter Olympics host,  you can bet this place has some killer mountains. My best friend, who works for Whistler, recommends  High Note trail. It is the most beautiful hike in all of the land! Mwahahaha!…well, in Whistler.

There is a reason why they call this trail ‘high.’ Since is is on one of Canada’s biggest ski hills- you have to take a gondola and then a chairlift up the mountain to begin. Cue the beautiful scenery.

During your hike along the stunning Whistler Mountain you will not only have a view of the vast mountains and trees around you but also of the turquoise waters of Cheakamus Lake.

The gondola is open from July- October but comes with a hefty price of about $70. You can make a day of it by having lunch at the Roundhouse Lodge on the mountain and then head to Blackcomb Mountain where you can ride the Peak to Peak Gondola for even more jaw-dropping views. After all, who is the fairest of them all?

Time: 3-4 hours


British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes


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British Columbia's Most Beautiful Day Hikes

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