13 Places not to Miss in Barcelona

Barcelona is a sexy city rich in history, art and culture. It also has a fun side with beaches, shopping and amazing food and drink to enjoy. You will never want to sleep in this city because just as you think your exciting day spent exploring is winding down, the city is coming alive. Barcelona is always bustling but I found that it really came to life at night.

Gaudi Park. Barcelona

Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​

Before I visited Barcelona I didn’t know much about Antoni Gaudí. Little did I know that this Catalan architect’s work would make my whole trip to Barcelona unforgettable. I fell in love with the architecture- or what I like to call architecture (it is often hard to decide if he is more of an artist or an architect).

A trip to Barcelona isn’t complete without visiting a few of Gaudi’s sites that are so iconic to this city. None of them will disappoint but in case you don’t believe me here is some information on his best works.

Let Loose

What it’s Like to Attend Running of the Bulls in Spain

The most famous place for tourists to see the running of the bulls- and even join it- is in Pamplona Spain. Not many people know that this festival is actually held at many cities around the country.

I went to one that was completely off of the beaten path. In fact- I didn’t meet a single other person who spoke English. I was very fortunate because I went with my Spanish friend and stayed with her family in the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes- a municipality of Madrid. This is what went down…