Diving with one of the World’s Most Dangerous Sharks

Diving in Mexico with Bull Sharks

One of my favourite hobbies (besides traveling and eating chocolate) is scuba diving. Once introduced to the underwater world, I was hooked. I have tried in a few different blog posts to explain the experience but I feel I never do it justice. The world is so vibrant, beautiful and peaceful in the deep blue.

Peaceful? But what about eels, stingray – and sharks!

Believe it or not, through scuba diving, I have seen a lot of sharks and it actually made me less scared of them. Due to growing up watching movies, such as Jaws, that portray sharks as monsters in the ocean, I was on edge the first time I saw a shark. Luckily for me, the first sharks that I saw while diving were relatively small reef sharks. However, since I grew up hearing news reports about deadly shark attacks, even these two foot long reef sharks frightened me.

After surviving my first dive with sharks, I  quickly realized that these creatures were not as scary as I was brought up to believe.

My mindset started changing and I actually became very intrigued with these carnivores. I read books about sharks, watched documentaries and began to learn about how misunderstood they are. next thing you know – sharks became my favourite animal (yes, it’s still appropriate to have a favourite animal as an adult)! Sharks are actually very intelligent and don’t even enjoy the taste of human flesh. The chances of a shark attacking you are less than a coconut falling on your head and killing you. Wouldn’t you love to see a horror movie about coconut attacks?


Once I understood sharks I began to get excited every time I saw a shark diving. The bigger the better! My obsession with sharks explains why while I was in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, I signed up to go scuba diving to see Bull Sharks.

Here are some facts about Bull Sharks:

  • They are among the top three most dangerous sharks
  • They are able to live in both salt and fresh water
  • Females are larger than males

When I arrived in the morning for my dive I suited up and signed a document that I wouldn’t hold the scuba company accountable for any accidents or injuries. Once I suited up, I noticed that there was no one else there. It turns our that it was just me and the dive master. Great – now I was the sharks only target.

Diving with one of the World's Most Dangerous Sharks
Ready to go swimming with the sharks!

It is important to understand that when signing up to go diving with Bull Sharks, no dive site can actually guarantee that you will see any. Nature is unpredictable so it is really just understanding what environments the fish live in and then hoping that they will show up.

We drove out into the ocean, strapped on our oxygen tanks and then jumped in the water. As soon as I entered the ocean, I could see two sharks below me! I was so excited that I wanted to get down there ASAP.

Once we reached the sandy bottom we gently kneeled down on the sand and watched the sharks swarm around us. There ended up being six sharks in total.

The dive master looked at me to make sure that I wasn’t freaking out (I’m sure it happens often). However, I was over the moon with happiness! It was amazing! I literally had massive bull sharks swarming around me in the deep blue.

Diving with one of the World's Most Dangerous Sharks

One shark was pregnant – making her absolutely massive. She was heading straight for me. I was looking into her eyes.

When she was a couple of feet in front of my face the dive master waved his hand through the water to create bubbles and she spun away at the last moment. I don’t know what would have happened if she had run right into me.

Diving with one of the World's Most Dangerous Sharks

The we began to float up and swim. A shark swam directly beneath me and I could see that scars on it’s skin.

Typically, it’s not common to see six bull sharks in one dive. While there very well may be that many, you often don’t realize that they are there because the visibility is only good enough to realize that there are two sharks in the area. I lucked out when I went with clear visibility, a low current, and lots of sharks. Even the dive master was ecstatic!

Of course, I didn’t tell my Mom about the dive until afterwards.

So would you go diving with Bull Sharks?!

Diving with one of the World's Most Dangerous Sharks

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Diving with one of the World's Most Dangerous Sharks

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