Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​

  Before I visited Barcelona I didn’t know much about Antoni Gaudí. Little did I know that this Catalan architect’s work would make my whole trip to Barcelona unforgettable. I fell in love with the architecture- or what I like to call architecture (it is often hard to decide if he is more of an artist or an architect). 

A trip to Barcelona isn’t complete without visiting a few of Gaudi’s sites that are so iconic to this city. None of them will disappoint but if you don’t believe me here is some information on his best works. 

 Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​

Sagrada Familia

If you visit Barcelona without visiting Sagrada Familia you will regret it for the rest of your life. If there is only one place that you are going to visit on your trip let this be it. Pictures will never do the Sagrada Familia justice. To appreciate it you have to see if for yourself. This church was designed by Gaudi but he passed away before it was even close to finished. Hundreds of years later  this masterpiece is  still being built. I could not imagine being the architect to have to step in for Gaudi.

Make sure to get the audio guide. This really added to my experience and my fascination about Gaudi and his work.

The line up may be a couple of hours wait. If you head there in the morning and grab a coffee and croissant to enjoy while you wait it’s not so bad. If you know what date and time you want  to go you can visit this site to pre-book tickets and skip the line.

How to get here:

 Take Metro line 2 or 5 and get off at Sagrada Familia stop.

Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​

Park Guell

This is yet another amazing piece of work from Gaudi and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are two parts to this park. The first part you have to buy a ticket which helps to preserve the park. The other part is free.  The paid part is less like a park and more like an exhibit of amazing architecture. It is definitely worth the 8 Euros so see. It’s a beautiful  park with funky buildings and colourful tiles- creating a thousand photo ops. You can check opening and closing times here.

This park also has Gaudi’s house where you can now go into see The house  now serves as a museum with it’s display of Gaudi’s work- such as furniture that he designed.

After walking around the park I would recommend walking up the pathway to Three Crosses Hill as the sun sets for a beautiful view of the city.

How to get here:

Take the Metro, green line (L3) to Vallcarca or Lesseps station.

Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​

Casa Batlló


MTV  Cribs has nothing on this house. Okay- so there is not helicopter pad or outdoor pool but the architecture makes up for all that.  This is more than just a house- it is a piece of art. The exterior is decorated with vibrant colours and the balconies resemble skulls. This odd design will lure  you in and you will want to see more.

Inside is truly magical and there is so much wisdom and genius to appreciate in all the detail of this building.

After visiting my heart was throbbing with a desire to live here. In case you leave with the same desire to move in, I did ask and the answer was no.

How to get here:

Take the metro lines 2, 3 or 4 to Passeig de Gràcia.

Casa Mila

Casa Mila is one place that I missed out on seeing because I arrived too late in the day- I was too mesmerized by all of  Gaudi’s other pieces of work to keep track of the time.

Casa Mila is made of all natural stones, so it is a lot less colorful than Casa Batllo. The building is famous for it’s use of natural lighting and unique chimneys. It was on my bucket list to see since it is highly reviewed so if you have the time make sure to check it out. You can find it on the awesome Passiege de Gracia which is an area that you should visit anyway.

How to get here:

Take the metro line 3 or 5 to Diagonal.

Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​

Casa Vicens

Located in the quiet neighbourhood of  Grácia I stumbled upon this by accident. However, once you see it, it is hard to ignore. Casa Vicens is famous in Barcelona for being one of Gaudi’s first works.

Currently the building is under renovation and will serve as a museum so for the time being (2016) there is not much point in going.

How to get there:

Metro line 3 to Fontana station

Cascada Fountain

This piece of art is not that impressive compared to Sagrada Familia but if you can go back to your roots before you saw that masterpiece then you will be able to appreciate this piece of work. It was created when Gaudi was young and just an assistant but it is still stunning.

To be honest, the reason that I added this fountain to this list is mainly due to it’s location. You will find the fountain in Park de la Ciutadella which a very beautiful place for to go for a stroll.

How to get here:

Metro Line 1 to Arc de Triomf station.

Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​

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Gaudi! Gaudi Gaudi! The Best in Barcelona ​

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