Getting High in South Korea

When living in South Korea, I found that I was lacking in exciting adventure activities. Seeking some excitement, me and my travel buddy Cam (who was visiting at the time) travelled just outside of Daegu to visit Herb Hillz.

The name Herb Hillz sounded to me more like a place for hippies to garden not a place for adventure. I was a bit hesitant on the amount of adventure it would offer. We had nothing else exciting planned for the day so I figured we would give it a shot.

Herb Hillz markets itself as an eco-theme park. There isn’t much for rides though-mainly just for little kids and you have to pay extra for them.

Basic admission allows you to enter the park to explore the beautiful herb gardens and scenery. There was a fun net playground type maze that we also had a blast on. There was also a small petting zoo with some small farm animals, monkeys and rodents  It was actually a bit depressing to see. I did find the little groundhogs all bundled on top of each other sleeping pretty cute though.

Getting High in South Korea

We purchased a ticket that allowed us entrance to the park and our choice of one of the three adventure activities.

Cam and I chose to do the King Kong course- the hardest and longest option. This course included high ropes and zip-lines. I think that the other options are just either high ropes or just zip lining. All three courses cost the same price (about 22,000 won) so I say go big or go home!

The activities run every hour because you first have to go through a safety orientation/training. The whole thing was in Korean but as long as you just pay attention to how to work your harness then you will be fine.

King Kong starts out with a rock climbing wall up to the course in the trees. From there, there the course consists of a bunch of different obstacles to get across. Most obstacles are  either swinging bridges, nets or wires to walk across. There were also about four zip-lines on the track that take you through the trees and over the park. I liked to scream really loud just to make a scene.

I found walking across the metal wire really cool. I had just watched the documentary, Man on Wire and so was channeling my inner wire walker.But I don’t think that I will be crossing any wires between high-rise buildings without a harness anytime soon- this experience was thrilling enough for me.

My main tip for this experience is to not go with my friend Cam. He thought it was hilarious to jump on the thin metal wires as I shakily tryin

g to make my way across. Or he enjoyed jumping crazily on the thin wobbly bridges  I was trying to balance on one tiny wooden plank. Let’s just say I am happy Koreans don’t speak the best English because there were a lot of curse words coming out of my mouth.

I’m not going to lie- he did add more excitement to the course as much as I hated him for it.

If you go with nice friends then the course will be a lot less terrifying. For someone who loves adrenaline I was very impressed with the King Kong- it ended up being a lot more fun than I was expecting. Even if you aren’t an adrenaline junkie this course is still manageable and you will have a lot of fun doing it.

The scariest part of the whole thing was actually at the end. You have to jump down from the trees to the bottom and trust that the pulley system will stop you from plummeting to your death. Okay, I am being a bit dramatic but it was very scary!

It is hard to say how long the course takes since Cam and I did a lot of fooling around on it. We were probably up there for about an hour and a half. I definitely think we got our money’s worth.

Once you finish, you will be surprised by how sweaty you are. Korea is a humid country and the course will make you work up quite the sweat. Make sure to bring good shoes and an outfit that you don’t mind stinking up. Here is a little video that I made of the fun day trip:

How to Get There

 We took the bus out there (big red number 2 bus is about all that I can tell you so ask your hotel for more info)  from the city center and it took about 40 minutes. We actually missed our stop because there are no landmarks for where to get off. If you do take the bus make sure to just pay attention to the gps on your phone so that you don’t do what we did.

Once we took the bus back to the correct stop we were a bit confused. It turns out that when we arrived the park actually went by the name Hill Crest (힐크레스트). The park will be on the  same side of the bus stop that you get off at and then you just walk up the road when you see a sign for Hill Crest.

If you don’t want to bother with a bus then you can just take a taxi there. It won’t be expensive especially if you are sharing with other people.


Weekdays: 9:30-19:00

Weekends & National Holidays: 9:30-20:00

* Last admission is one hour before closing.

* Hours may change due to weather. Avoid coming if there is heavy rain or snow to be safe.

Admission Price

(Garden + Zoo Zoo Land + Red Maple Road)

– Weekdays: Adults 8,000 won / Children 6,000 won

– Weekends & Holidays: Adults 9,000 won / Children 7,000 won

Admission + Craft (Woodpecker Studio or Cooking House)

Adults 18,000 won / Children 16,000 won

Admission + Eco-adventure (King Kong or Gorilla)

22,000 won

 *Do this one!

Admission + Elsword or Kids Adventure

Children 12,000 won (Children only)

*These prices  may be different but more or less the same

Getting High in South Korea

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Getting High in South Korea

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