Hilarious Giffs that Only Travelers can Relate to

When you come back from traveling, you come back with pictures of beautiful places and delicious food. Your Instagram account is looking fabulous with all of your exotic travel snaps. However, travel isn’t all glitz and glam. Here are some hilarious giffs that show the more realistic side to traveling – what goes on between the sunrise on the top of the mountain to the cocktails on the beach.

When you have been planning a trip for forever and you finally book your plane ticket.



When you  don’t want to pay for checked baggage so you fit as much as you can into your carry-on


You in a foreign country running to catch the correct bus or train in time.


When you  think you got a good deal and then realize it was a scam.


When you go to use a public bathroom in Asia.


When your toilet is a squatter.


And, how you feel while in the bathroom.


Trying to look instagram picture worthy while traveling.


You after a long and sweaty trip.


When your favourite flip-flops are stolen from the beach bar.


The amount of sunglasses you bought on your trip.


How you feel in a place that is not used to seeing foreigners.


When you keep getting getting asked to buy things while you walk down the street.


You after eating that meal you had doubts about.


When you order  food other than the local cuisine and you end up something like salad with ketchup.


You at the end of your trip.

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Hilarious Giffs that Only Travelers can Relate to

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Hilarious Giffs that Only Travelers can Relate to

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