How to Survive the Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is one of the most wild parties that you will ever go to in your life. However, as with any wild party there are many things that can go wrong.

How to Survive the Full Moon Party

Since you are in a foreign country it is particularly important that you stay safe. Follow my tips of how to party safe and survive the epic Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan.

1. Wear Shoes

The one downfall of the night for me was when I stepped on a broken bottle. I was in my bare feet the broken glass cut deep into the edge of my toenail. My tiny toe was cut so deep that my blood was staining the sand around me. My friend had to piggy-back me to a doctor to get it taken care of.

The doctor wanted to give me stitches but I refused. I wasn’t sure if they were just saying that to try and get more money out of me- plus I was terrified of getting stitches. So instead they cleaned up my toes and bandaged it as best they could. I went then headed back out to the beach and I continued on dancing. This was a bad mistake because it ended up getting infected, and boy was that ever painful!

How to Survive the Full Moon Party

2. Bring More Than Enough Money

At this party it is very, very easy to lose people. The party last about 12 hours and can have up to 30,000 people- so there are a lot of opportunities to lose your friends. Make sure that you bring more than enough money to pay for your own tuk-tuk or boat ride home for if you lose your friends.

If you think you won’t lose your friends, think again. I went with three other friends and by the end of the night we all lost each other and had to find our own way home.

How to Survive the Full Moon Party

3. Have a Meeting Spot

As mentioned above, losing your friends is very easy at this party. If you like your friends and want to make sure that you don’t lose each other- have a meeting spot. Make sure that it is a clear meeting spot without a lot of people- such as a store off to the side of the beach (not in front of the crowded DJ booth).

How to Survive the Full Moon Party

4. Leave Electronics at Home

I know you want to snapchat and instagram this epic party to the world, but it might be the last snapchat you make for a while. This is a wild party, outside, on the beach. Your electronics have the possibility of falling out of your pocket, getting dirty in the sand, or wet if it starts raining. As well, many people chose to wade into the ocean to pee. If you do this in your drunken state you may not remember about your precious iphone sitting in your pocket until it is too late.

How to Survive the Full Moon Party

5. Watch your Alcohol Consumption

How to Survive the Full Moon PartyOkay, this sounds like a stupid thing to say, but bear with me. At the Full Moon Party they don’t just serve glasses of alcohol, they serve buckets! And most of these buckets are  filled with the Thai version of Red Bull- which is way stronger and sweeter. It goes down so smoothly that you don’t have any concept of just how much alcohol you are consuming.

You have all night to drink, so break it up now and then with a bottle of water.

6. Don’t Do Drugs

I know you heard this a million times in high school but it’s worth repeating in before you attend this party. At the Full Moon Party locals will come up to you and offer you drugs. Remember that you are in a foreign country. Do not accept. Most likely they are the cops or are working with the cops. They target tourists and will either send you to jail or ask for a bribe from you for you to avoid jail. I found that guys were offered drugs more often than girls

 How to Survive the Full Moon Party

7. Stop, Drop, and Roll

Well, first I would recommend staying away from fire. Only stop, drop and roll if it comes to that. The Full Moon Party has fire dancers, and they are awesome entertainment. However, they also let people take part in a fire limbo dance.

Don’t let your liquid courage convince you that you can suddenly bend over backwards while walking under a stick that’s on fire. Really, what are you trying to prove? Leave the fire dancing to the professionals.

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How to Survive the Full Moon Party

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