The Savvy Javvy 10 Day Java Island Itinerary

The Perfect  10 day travel itinerary for backpacking your way around Java, Indonesia


The Savvy Javvy 10 Day Java Island Itinerary

Day 1: Jakarta or Yogyakarta

Jakarta is not a place that anyone will tell you to visit. The only reason that people end up going to Jakarta is because it is typically the cheapest place to fly into on Java. I flew in here and went straight to the train station from the airport and took a night train to Jogyakarta. If you have the time to spare or are interested in exploring a grimy city, then take a day here – but no more.

Otherwise, fly in or head straight to the awesome city of Yogyakarta to start your trip.


The Savvy Javvy 10 Day Java Island Itinerary

Day 2- 4: Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is on the top of peoples favourite places on Java and you will want to make sure to spend at least three days here to fully explore – if not more.

Some cool things to do here include visiting the temples, drinking the world’s most expensive coffee and exploring the markets.

Where I stayed in Yogyakarta: Cozy Nest Hostel

The Savvy Javvy 10 Day Java Island Itinerary

Day 5 – 7: Malang

Yogyakarta is a lot of peoples favourite city on Java but my personal favourite was Malang. Perhaps it was because I met some amazing locals who drove me all around the outskirts of the city and to Batu, or the amazing colourful town there, or the fun hostel (Kampong Tourist) that I stayed at. Either way – I loved this place and so think you should spend at least two days here – if not more.

It it off the beaten tourist track and so prices are lower and people are nicer here. It’s also a lot more quite than Jakarta and Yogyakarta – making it a great place to chill out for a few days.

Where I stayed in Malang: kampong tourist

The Savvy Javvy 10 Day Java Island Itinerary

Day 8: Mount Bromo

There is no actually city called Bromo – instead you will have to make your way to Cemoro Lawang– which is the village at the base of Mount Bromo. It can be a bit of a mission to get here without signing up for a tour but if  you learn from my mistakes it should be as easy as pie. You can read here to for directions to Mount Bromo as well as how to hike up this active volcano on your own.


The Savvy Javvy 10 Day Java Island Itinerary

Day 9: Banyuwangi (Hike Mount Ijen)

After hikinh Mount Bromo I jumped on a van down to mountain to the bus stop and got on a bus to Banyuwangi. We arrived late at around midnight but luckily were able to find a guesthouse around the corner from the bus stop when we arrived.

We went to sleep and the next morning booked a tour to climb Ijen. Because of safety regulations this hike is no longer possible without a guide. For the hike you start at about 1 a.m. in order to be on the mountain at the pitch dark to see the ‘blue fire.’  Because of this we went to bed at about 7 p.m.

Since we started the hike so early we were able to jump on a ferry around noon to Bali. Banyuwangi is also a good surf spot and nowhere near as touristy as other beaches on Bali so if you are into surfing you can consider hanging out here for a few more days.


Day 10: Departure

If you have extra days to spare you may want to head out to Batu (near Malang) or and extra day at the base of Mount Bromo to rest.

If you need to cut back on time then it is hard to say where to cute time. If you are not a big fan of cities than Yogyakarta. If you like cities then you can cut out one of the hikes out of your trip. Mount Bromo was my favourite!

The Savvy Javvy 10 Day Java Island Itinerary

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The Savvy Javvy 10 Day Java Island Itinerary

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