A List of Must Try Food in Hong Kong

With restaurants and food stands all around you in Hong Kong it can be diffiecult to chose where and what to eat. While it is hard to go wrong, here is a list of food that you want to make sure not to miss while visiting Hong Kong.

A List of Must Try Food in Hong Kong

Some people eat to live. Others live to eat. I travel to eat. If you are like me then Hong Kong is a great place to be.

With so much cultural diversity, Hong Kong has so many culinary options to choose from. Of course, Hong Kong does have some amazing and traditional bites of its own to be proud of. Here is a list of famously delicious food that you must try while traveling to Hong Kong.


Dim Sum

Duh! You cannot come to Hong Kong and not go out for some dim sum!  Dim sum are steamed dumplings that come in a variety of different flavours. Most are filled with meat but since Hong Kong is quite vegetarian friendly you will find veggie options as well.

Believe it or not this is actually usually eaten for breakfast. If you prefer your eggs and toast for breakfast though, restaurants will still have dim sum available at dinner time. This is a blog recommending dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong and this is another one for the best vegetarian dim sum restaurants.

My favourite Dim Sum spot while I was in Hong Kong was Lock Cha Tea House. They have vegetarian dim sum here and beautiful teas. It also helps that is beautifully located in Hong Kong Park. 


A List of Must Try Food in Hong Kong


Egg Waffle

This is a street food that you can find while wandering the streets of Hong Kong. It is a light and fluffy waffle that instead of square imprints it has fun bubbles. These waffles are often eaten just plain.

A List of Must Try Food in Hong Kong


Stinky Tofu

Doesn’t the name just make your mouth water? Even as a vegetarian I was very hesitant to try this one. As you can imagine- it stinks. The smell and name make it a hard snack to want to try  but you have to give it a try just for the experience!

You can find this at street food vendors and my advice would be to smother it in  whatever sauce is available.It wasn’t as awful as I was expecting- but certainly not enjoyable.  I tried a couple of bites and couldn’t handle it anymore.


Stuffed Vegetables

This snack is made from either fried tofu, bell pepper or eggplant. Then these vegetables are stuffed with minced pork, fish or shrimp.  I never got to try this dish because it is not vegetarian but it was recommended to me my friend and Hong Kong native.  It is a street food and can also be seen at dim sum restaurants.

A List of Must Try Food in Hong Kong


Rice Noodle Roll

This dish is similar to dim sum, just a little less elegant. In fact, you will often see this on the menu when you go out for dim sum. So give this a try and see which one you like better!
Rice noodle rolls also comes with a variety of different fillings and are dipped in soy sauce.

A List of Must Try Food in Hong Kong
Photo credit: dim-sum-cart.blogspot.kr/


Egg tarts

These are my favourite food on this list- I know hard to believe they out beat stinky tofu!

Technically these small desserts come from Hong Kong’s tiny neighbour, Macau. But if you are not heading that way these tarts are a very popular dessert in Hong Kong and can be found in any bakery and many dim sum restaurants. They are best when fresh and warm!

A List of Must Try Food in Hong Kong



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A List of Must Try Food in Hong Kong

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