Malaysia’s Colourful & Friendly City of Malacca

A Quiet Escape from Kuala Lumpur

Malacca was one of my favorite places that I visited in Malaysia- okay they are all my favourite- but this place was pretty neat.

For such a diverse country, Malacca is the heart of Malaysian culture. It is a wonderful city that you really just need to wander around aimlessly to enjoy yourself. I’m not going to write a list of things to do because this city is not about sight seeing. Instead, Malacca is more about wandering around the colourful streets and taking in the culture. This city is interesting because it has been influenced by Peranakan, Portuguese, Dutch and British cultures, This makes the city a beautiful cluster of different architectural styles.

 Malaysia's Colourful & Friendly City of Malacca

The historical city center is full of artistic shops and is where you will do most of your wandering. There is river flowing through Malacca that is lined with different syles of buildings. You can go for a nice stroll along the river and even go for a boat ride if you tired of walking. On the right side of the river you will find the Dutch Square and on the left side Chinatown.

China town still holds onto it old charm. There are Chinese temples you can visit and a variety of Chinese restaurants to eat at. China town also has a beautiful Chinese cemetery-don’t worry, it’s not  spooky, it is actually quite beautiful and makes for a pleasant walk. The tomb stones are amazing. I don’t know what I will have to do in this life for my family to give me a tombstone that is as big and beautiful as the ones in this cemetery.
Malaysia's Colourful & Friendly City of Malacca

My friend and I actually ended up getting lost on the way back so we asked a man for directions- Mr. Chow. He was great (like all Malaysians) and ended up driving us back to China town. He even met up with us again later that night to show us around. Then when we realized that there were no taxis to take us to the bus terminal the next morning, he offered to wake up at 6 A.M. to take us!

After getting safely  dropped off in town by the wonderful Mr. Chow, we wandered into some chocolate shops. Surprisingly, there were a lot of chocolate shops in Malacca. As a chocolate addict this was my dream. While diligently tasting the chocolates at one shop, the store employee told us that they offered chocolate making classes. My heart skipped a beat.

My friend and I signed up- with a little negotiating on the price of course. For the course we manages to negotiate a price of about $16 each.

They suited us up in an apron and bakers hat and we began making my chocoholic dream come true. It was so much fun!

We got to pick what type of chocolate we wanted and choose different fillings to put inside. We ended up walking away with about a dozen chocolates each- and they were good quality chocolates. I stuffed my face with chocolate but  made sure to keep a few for Mr. Chow as a thank you for his kindness.


Then we decided to treat ourselves to a fabulous ride around town in a beautiful trishaw. The trishaws in Malacca are unavoidable with their voluptuous floral decorations. They are absolutely stunning and add so much to the charm of this cultural city.

The trishaw that we jumped in had a stereo system and flashing lights so it was like our own tiny party on wheels-it was the perfect ending to a perfect day. You seriously have to take a ride in one while in this city- I don’t think that you will ever have the chance to ride in something to fabulous and colourful again in your life.

We only had a day in Malacca but it sure was an eventful and unpredictable day. We got lost, got found, made a new friend, made chocolate, ate chocolate and rode in a colourful trishaw. If you have an open mind and a fun spirit I am sure that Malacca will be magical for you too.Malaysia's Colourful & Friendly City of Malacca

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Malaysia's Colourful & Friendly City of Malacca

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