My First Thoughts of Hanoi

After an awful and painful 26 hour bus ride from Vang Vieng, Laos to Hanoi I arrived late at night- exhausted, annoyed and very hungry.

I arrived at the bus stop and with some friends that I had met on the painful journey  jumped in a taxi to the city. This was the last lag of the journey and I couldn’t wait to finally be in a  hotel and have food in my belly.

Even though we were all extremely frustrated, tired and hangry at this point- there was something about this city at night that made us all smile.

Our taxi driver was absolutely insane. He was whizzing through traffic and swerving around cars with electronic music blasting in his funky decorated vehicle. At red lights he would tap on the brakes so that the taxi would pulse to the beat of the music. I thought that he was drunk…until I saw the rest of the city.

The whole city was lit up in neon lights- it looked like a rave! There were rainbow disco balls hanging from every lamp-post. As exhausted as we were, we couldn’t help but laugh as we swerved through this neon city with electronic music blasting in our ears.

My First Thoughts of Hanoi
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To be honest, the city isn’t too exciting during the day but it comes alive at night- I think because it is not at hot at night. We could go for a walk along the river late at night and it was bustling with people. Couples were on dates eating ice cream and families were sitting at tables sipping water from coconuts. Children were playing in parks in the dark at times that North American children would be tucked into bed. And as for walking in the dark- this was not a problem since every street was lit up brightly with colourful lights.

Even though a lot of people are out and about after the sun sets the city actually has a curfew for around midnight. Therefore, Hanoi is not known parties or bars late at night.

Instead, for the perfect night out make sure to go to watch a performance at the  Thang Long Water Puppet Theater. This is a puppet show that even adults will love. Sit back and relax as these beautiful water puppets tell you a story through this unique art and talent.  It’s a truly unique experience and will only set you back $5.

My First Thoughts of Hanoi

I am going to give you a piece of advice that you will  rarely read on a travel blog about visiting a foreign country: go out at night.

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My First Thoughts of Hanoi

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