Myanmar in Two Weeks

Heading to the beautiful land of pagodas and don’t know where to begin? Don’t fret I have done all of the research for you and even sacrificed myself to be the guinea-pig to test out this itinerary to see the highlights of Myanmar in two weeks. Now all that you have to do it follow and enjoy!


Myanmar in Two Weeks

Day 1-2: Yangon

Yangon is almost impossible to avoid with most flights coming in and out of here. Don’t be mistaken though, it may seem like the capital of Myanmar but it is not (the capital has absolutely nothing worth seeing). As much as there are a lot more beautiful places to visit in Myanmar than Yangon, it is worth spending a couple of days here.

Make sure not to miss the countries most famous and beautiful pagoda that resided here.


Myanmar in Two Weeks


Day 3-5: Nwengsaung

Myanmar has so much to do and see but with all trips I strongly believe that it is important to get some beach time in. The most amazing beaches are down south closer to Thailand and can take some time getting too. If you are on a time crunch you can easily do what I did and head to Nwengsaung Beach. It is untouristy and has miles of empty beach for you to pick your spot from. With stunning sunsets and friendly people this is the quite relaxing beach destination that you need to re-fuel for more sightseeing.

You can read here about the beach here and how to get there (I took the night bus to save a day).


Myanmar in Two Weeks

Day 6: Pathien

Instead of heading back to Yangoon straight away add this fun little stopover to your journey. The bus here leaves from Nwengsaung later in the day than the bus to Yangoon so you will have more beach time to enjoy. So visit Pathien to get off the beaten path for a day and hold off on returning to quickly to hectic Yangon.


Myanmar in Two Weeks

Day 7: Yangon

See  I told you this place was unavoidable! In order to get anywhere else in the country you basically have to start your journey from here so you have yet another day to explore the city or just find a chill hostel to relax and re-coup.

*From here I took a sixteen hour night Train to Mandalay- read about the journey here.


Myanmar in Two Weeks

Day 8-9: Mandalay

Another bustling city, but a little bit less hectic than Yangon. Mandalay is a fun city to explore- and huge! About two days here should be sufficient but you can take more if you want to visit the waterfalls just out of the city limits.


Myanmar in Two Weeks

Day 10-11: Bagan

This is what most people come to Myanmar for- so don’t miss it! Bagan is a unique place on earth with thousand year old pagodas scattered throughout the area. It is the most touristy and expensive place in the country but 100% worth it. You can read about my tips here for how to best explore the are as well as how to catch the perfect sunrise/sunset.


Myanmar in Two Weeks

Day 12-13: Inle Lake

Okay, I know I said that Bagan was unique-but so is Inle Lake. Seriously. The people of Inle Lake literally live on the lake. I am talking houses, schools and restaurants…all on the lake! This place is stunning and worth the visit. I have to say that this was my favourite place on my travels through Myanmar.

The lake itself only takes a day to explore as you will have someone take you out on a boat for the while day. However, since it is a bit out of the way you will probably want to spend at least two days here before you jump on another long bus journey.

Note: The bus to Yangon is an eleven hour journey.


Myanmar in Two Weeks


Day 14: Yangon

We are back again! The trip ends here for obvious reasons, to catch your flight out. However, you can also spend your last day here shopping for souvenirs or eating more street food.


Extra time? Spend more time at the beach or in Inle Lake.

Short on time? Sorry, but say bye, bye to the beach. There are better beaches elsewhere.



Myanmar in Two Weeks


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Myanmar in Two Weeks

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