Stranger Danger

Stranger DangerWhen I first arrived by boat to beautiful Langkawi Island in Malaysia, I couldn’t wait to grab a bite to eat and then hit the beach. I quickly found a hostel and then dropped my bag off.

While dropping off my bag I started chatting with this Australian guy who was also in my room. He seemed like a nice guy and he was also traveling solo. He mentioned to me that he was headed to the beach and that I was welcome to join him. I told him that I needed to eat first, but I would love to meet up with him after. Part of what I love about traveling is how quickly it is to make friends.

So after eating a delicious Malaysian meal (like they always are) I headed to the beach. I walked along the shoreline until I saw him lying in the sand reading a book. I plopped my towel down next to him and we started chatting about our travels. He was a very interesting guy who had traveled all over India  and had some great stories to tell. Eventually our conversation faded off and we started reading our books.

Stranger Danger

I was deep into my book when suddenly I felt a shadow come over me.  I could feel him standing above me, watching me. I was freaked out and felt extremely uncomfortable. I just pretended that I didn’t  noticed and kept reading my books in hopes that he would go away. He didn’t. He kept standing over me.

I was starting to get really creeped out. I couldn’t understand it, he had seemed like a really cool guy before.  In an instant he had turned into a total creep. He continued standing over me and staring at me. I didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, he reached down and grabbed my bookmark from my book. I could not believe how rude he was being.

At his point I couldn’t pretend not to notice him anymore. I swung around to confront him. But instead of seeing him standing over me I saw a goat!

Stranger Danger

I was so startled that I let out a scream. My scream caused the whole beach- including my friend who all the while was innocently just reading his book- to look at me. Then everyone burst out laughing. In the middle of the beach there was a goat was standing over me contently eating my bookmark.

I am not surprised that he chose me to pick on out of everyone on the beach- the weirdest things in the world always seem happen to me. What  a goat was even doing on a tropical island is beyond me.

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Stranger Danger

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