The Best Food to Eat in Nepal

When I visited Nepal, it was right after I had travelled around India. This gave Nepal a very unfair disadvantage when it came to food. I mean, Indian food – can it get any better?

Even with this in mind – the food in Nepal is delicious. Nepalese food is very similar to Indian food except that it is more simple and has less variety. Nepal has some great dishes that are unique to their country that I highly recommend trying. Here is a list of the best food that you should eat in Nepal:

The Best Food to Eat in Nepal


These are AMAZING! I should really just end my description there because that is all you need to know. If I had to pick the best dish in Nepal, this would be it.

These are traditionally a Tibetan dish and are dumplings stuffed with a variety of goodness. As a vegetarian I devoured the vegetable and yaak cheese momo’s.

There are even momo’s to meet your sweet tooth – such as nutella and peanut butter! The only downfall of momo’s is that they take a long time for restaurants to make so you will usually be waiting a long time to get your food – but I promise it’s worth the wait!


The Best Food to Eat in Nepal


This is a delicious vegetable and noodle soup. I was recommended it by a friend and the first time I tried it was  when I was about 4, 5000m up in the Himalayas – during my trek – where vegetables are scarce. Needless to say, my ‘vegetable’ soup was a very sad bowl of water and noodles.

When I got down a few thousand feet a decided to give it another shot. Boy am I glad that I did! This bowl was completely different and was glowing with a variety of vegetables. It was so pretty I just had to take a photo for my instagram. Oh – and it tasted amazing too!


The Best Food to Eat in Nepal

Fried potatoes

This dish was my fuel for trekking. I’m not gonna lie – I may have eaten a few too many fried potatoes. When I got higher in elevation I found it harder to digest this dish. So while you are closer to sea level is a good time to indulge in this heavy and satisfying meal.

The potatoes wedges are fried in  a savoury blend of spices that will cause everyone around you to get food envy. Add a fried egg on top for some extra deliciousness.


The Best Food to Eat in Nepal

Garlic soup

Garlic soup? You can’t be serious. This was the one dish that I was very hesitant to try. Don’t get me wrong – I love garlic as much as the next person…but soup?

Apparently the Nepalese believe that it helps prevent elevation sickness, so my trekking partner ordered this dish while we were reaching higher elevations on the Annapurna Circuit. I tried a spoonful of this soup and was hooked.

The soup on it’s own isn’t anything amazing, but if you dip some roti/bread in it then it tastes like garlic bread. Souper tasty…get it?


The Best Food to Eat in Nepal
Photo credit: In Other Parts of the World – plus they share the recipe!

Tibetan bread

This is a nice breakfast to have in Nepal. My favourite time that I ate Tibetan bread was when I was staying at a homestay up in the Himilayas in a small mountain village. We all sat on the floor of the hut, circling around the wood stove as the family made Tibetan bread for us – from scratch.

They were so relaxed during the process…to the point that their snail pace was almost painful to watch. They then took the fried bread and spread natural, local honey on top of it and served it to us with a hot cup of tea. Once again, worth the wait.


The Best Food to Eat in Nepal

Yaak cheese

This strong creamy cheese that is a must try if visiting Nepal. It goes great on Tibetan bread, in momo’s, or just on it’s own. The only thing this heavenly cheese is missing is a glass of Merlot.


The Best Food to Eat in Nepal

Donuts and Chai

In Nepal they have this fried bread that is basically like a donut – only not sweet and with no icing. On it’s own this fried bread is nothing special. However, dunked in a creamy, sweet cup of steaming chai tea and these donuts transform into bites of heaven.

You’ll thank me later.


Random fact: The last place I enjoyed a donut with chai tea was at Pashupati Temple in Nepal – as the smoke from the burning bodies wafted around me. Yes, that is how bad I wanted a donut.


The Best Food to Eat in Nepal

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The Best Food to Eat in Nepal

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