The Fanny Pack Scandal

When I first arrived in Vientiane, Laos with my two friends- Cam and Karli- I went to an ATM to take out money. Laos it a small country and so we figure that we could see everything that we weaned within a week. Therefore, I took out enough local currency to last me for our trip. I put my money in my trustee (and extremely fashionable, sexy, and sophisticated) fanny pack- with my camera and and cards. Then we set out to explore the capital city of Laos.

The Fanny Pack ScandalWhile exploring Vientiane, we were extremely thirst and hot so we went into a small store to buy some water. After leaving the store we walked down the street an Cam saw ice cream. As excited as a little kid  on Christmas, Cam exclaimed that he wanted ice cream. Seeing how happy he was at the sight of ice cream, I told him that I would treat him. I reached into my trendsetting fanny pack to get my money.

My fanny pack suddenly felt very empty.  I felt around around a bit more. I looked in every pocket.  All my money and bank cards were gone!

I freaked out! We quickly forgot about the delicious, creamy ice-cream and ran back to retrace our steps to the store. It was literally only a couple of minutes since I had last used my money. We asked the store owners if they had seen my money. They said that they hadn’t, whether there was any truth to that I don’t know. So the three of us scoured the sidewalk up and down over and over again. Nothing.

 The Fanny Pack Scandal

All of my money was gone. I had either been pick pocketed or the store owners had my money. This money was supposed to last me my whole time in Laos. The worst part of all though was that all of my cards were stolen too So not only did I no longer have any money but I had no way to get any more.

In an instant, I found myself in a foreign country without any money. I had no way to pay for food, transportation or accommodation.  And o top of all that, Cam never got his ice cream.

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The Fanny Pack Scandal

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