The Infamous Full Moon Party

I couldn’t have experienced Thailand without going to the world-famous full Moon Party. I planned my trip to make sure that I made it to Koh Phangan for this event.

In case you haven’t heard about this massive party, let me explain. Once a month, during the full moon, somewhere between 10,000- 30,000 people cram onto Haad Rin Beach for a crazy night of partying.  The beach has DJ’s, fire dancers and fireworks. Talk about over stimulation!

The Infamous Full Moon Party

There is accommodation right near the beach. However, for these spots you should book as far in advance as possible- and by book I mean show up a few days before the party to bargain for the best price. By coming early, you should be able to find something for about $10 USD per night.  If you can’t find accommodation, you can stay on nearby islands- such as Koh Samui and take the boat over for the day and party until the sunrise.

My friends and I were staying at The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan, (which is actually a yoga resort that we found a good deal for on Groupon). It’s the farthest thing from a party place but since we had a huge guesthouse to ourselves we managed to have fun and enjoy a few drinks before heading out. Our drink of choice? Only Thailand’s finest;

The Infamous Full Moon Party

To get from our accommodation to the Full Moon party we had to take a boat. The boat driver tried to overcharge us though, since he was the only person with a boat where we were. Plus, this was a resort so most people staying there had a lot more spending money than us dirty backpackers.

When we finally negotiated a reasonable price, the boat ride over was actually quite exciting. It was pouring rain, but it was warm rain and added a sense of adventure to our excursion over to Haad Rin. As we approached the beach we could hear the music pounding and saw an assortment of neon colours scattered across the beach. We could tell that this would be an epic night.

We jumped off the boat and made our first stop to purchase a bucket of alcohol. All over the beach there were different stalls selling alcohol, offering glow-in-the-dark body painting and much more. There is so much to get distracted by that it is a miracle if you manage to not lose your friends.  Even off of the beach there is lots to do- every corner you turn has something fun happening.

The Infamous Full Moon Party

The night was raining but that didn’t stop the Full Moon Party from raging on. We were dancing on the beach with our soaking wet hair, running in between different DJ stations, and meeting new people. It was a blast!

Throughout the night my friends and I would constantly lose each other, then find each other… then lose each other. It got to the point that we all eventually ended up completely losing each other.

But we had prepared for this and had plannedto all meet on the beach as the sun rose if we lost each other. So, after all the madness was over, as planned I sat on the beach and watched as the sun rose up from the ocean. But my friends were nowhere in sight.

Watching the sunrise wasn’t as beautiful as you might think. Once the sun comes up everything is exposed. There were drunk people rolling around in the sand and condoms and garbage scattered across the beach. It was not my scene and I was ready to go home.

At 8 a.m. I took a boat back to the resort by myself. As I approached the resort, I saw my friend Peter standing on the beach. He still had his neon shirt on but now he also had his backpack and was ready to catch his flight out of Thailand (he was leaving before the rest of us). I jumped out of the boat, he jumped in and we said our farewells.

The Infamous Full Moon Party

I walked through the yoga retreat covered in body paint. When I got into our room Cam was fast asleep but Karli was still nowhere in sight. We all thought that she would have been the first one home.

I was a bit nervous but thankfully she made it home not long after. We all survived the Full Moon Party! We spent the next few days recovering- finally the yoga retreat came in handy.

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The Infamous Full Moon Party

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