Trekking Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit – Day 9

On the Road Again…

After spending a day in Manang to rest and to allow our bodies to adjust to the elevation (a must to help avoid elevation sickness) the gang set out again. Today’s trek on the Annapurna Circuit was short but steep.

Trekking Nepal's Annapurna Circuit - Day 9
Photo credit: My friend Harry

As we began to reach higher elevations, the oxygen became thinner and out pace began to slow. The hike started off with a steep incline and, even though we were used to walking up steep hills, the lack of oxygen now made it hard to breath. It suddenly felt like I was really out of shape. At least, I think it was due to the high elevation and not to the baked goods I ate in Manang.

The most amazing part of today was when I happened to stop to catch my breath and a huge – and I mean HUGE – eagle went soaring by me! It could have possibly been a vulture (here is a list of birds in Annapurna).  It flew so close to me that I felt I could have reached out an touched it. Being from Canada I have seen a lot of eagles – but not any of this size. It reminded me of a dinosaur!

After four and a half hours of trekking we stopped for lunch in Ya Kharka. I didn’t order anything to each because I had a samosa with me that I had bought along the way. I find it a lot easier to continue trekking without a pound of food sitting in my stomach.

Trekking Nepal's Annapurna Circuit - Day 9

Once we re-fueling we found out that our desired destination for the day – Ledar – was only a 20 minute walk away. We had to stop here because once you reach this elevation it is advised to only go up 500m a day – and we were already at 700m.

However, besides Priscilla and myself, everyone decided to continue on to the next town. This would mean an extra three hours of trekking, but most importantly, and extra 300m in elevation!

Once again, I found no reason to rush through the trek.  I was happy to put my safety first and spend the night in Ledar.

Total Daily Distance: 12 km.

Elevation: 4,240m

Trekking Nepal's Annapurna Circuit - Day 9

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Trekking Nepal's Annapurna Circuit - Day 9

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