When Your Flight is Headed for a Different Country

My travel companion, Karli, and I had created a brief itinerary for our four month trip around South East Asia together. Since we had a general idea of our timeline I had booked two flights from Cambodia to Singapore for us- to help our trip run smoothly. I had also organized accommodation for us in Singapore through the website CouchSurfing. On CouchSurfing a nice guy named Elrid offered Karli and I a couch to sleep on. Our trip to the island city was perfectly planned out.

When Your Flight is Headed for a Different CountryKarli and I spent months wandering around South East Asia and eventually made our way to Cambodia-where we would fly to Singapore from. The morning of our flight we took a tuk-tuk to the airport. We arrived at the tiny airport, which only had two terminals-I looked around for the check in counter for flight to Singapore. I couldn’t see it. I walked back and forth between the two terminals in case my eyes were deceiving me. I double checked the time  and date on our tickets. Yep, it was the right date. Yep, we were on time. So where the heck were we supposed to check in?

Finally, I saw an airport employee and asked her where we were supposed to check in for our flight to Singapore. “There is no flight leaving to Singapore,” she said. “Uhhh…yes there is. Look, we have two tickets for Singapore.” I said as I handed the airport employee my ticket. She studied the paper for a minute, “Your ticket isn’t for Singapore,” she said, “You’re going to Malaysia.”

I took back my ticket and looked at it in shock.

Destination: Kuala Lumpur.

I looked at Karli, shrugged my shoulders and said, “Well, I guess we’re going to Malaysia…”

When Your Flight is Headed for a Different CountrySo, Karli and I boarded the airplane, confused as to how I could have possibly purchased a ticket for Malaysia instead of Singapore. It was all quite humorous. Talk about flying by the seat of your pants!

I had to tell the guy who was going to let us stay with him in Singapore that there had been a slight change in plans (a.k.a. I purchased a ticket to the wrong country).

We landed in Malaysia and it ended up being a beautiful country. The people in Malaysia were so friendly, the islands were beautiful and the food was to die for! I fell so in love with one Island there that I even ended up staying an extra week there without Karli- I just couldn’t bear to leave it. I also met an amazing couple while hitchhiking in Malaysia and I am happy now to call them my friends.

Malaysia ended up being one of the most sensational countries that I have ever been to! My flight mixup taught me a valuable lesson- as traveling often does. I learned that when you go with the flow, wonderful and unexpected things can happen.

When Your Flight is Headed for a Different Country

By letting go of the need to control every situation, you allow room for freedom and spontaneity into your life. No matter how much planning you do for your trip, or your life, your wildest adventures will be the ones that  you could not have possibly planned for.

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When Your Flight is Headed for a Different Country

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